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  13  Bonniconlon

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  16  Claggan
  17  Cloghans
  18  Colony, Achill
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  20  Cross Abbey
  21  Cross, Belderra
  22  Cross, new

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  24  Crosspatrick
  25  Curraunboy
  26  Doohooma
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  36  Holy Trinity, Achill
  37  Inver

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  40  Kilcummin
  41  Kildownet, new
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  46  Kilgarvan
  47  Killala
  48  Killeen old
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  51  Kiltane

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  56  Moygawnagh new
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  59  Mullafarry old
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  61  Rathfran
  62  Rathreagh
  63  Slievemore main
  64  Slievemore new
  65  Slievemore old
  66  Straide Abbey
  67  Straide Church
  68  Straide new
  69  Straide old

  70  St Johns, Ballyc.

  71  St Marys, Xmolina
  72  St Michaels Bal'na
  73  St Patricks, Killala
  74  St Thomas, Achill
  75  Teampall Maol
  76  Templemore

  77  Termoncarragh
  78  Toomore new
  79  Toomore old

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Kilcummin Graveyard Headstones
Location:                 6 miles east of Ballycastle, Mayo on the eastern tip of Kilcummin Head
Map:                       54.277247 N,  9.210117 W
No of headstones:    7 (only 7 legible headstones, most graves do not have headstones)
Date range:              1819 - 1926 (observed)
Recorded:                all visible headstones photographed May 2010
Top photo:
Looking south across Kilcummin graveyard
towards the church ruins and Killala Bay

Bottom photo:
Inside the ruins of Kilcummin church
This graveyard and ancient church
(which is believed to date back to
before 700AD) are located on the
remote northeastern tip of Kilcummin
Head, close to the shoreline.  Some of
the headstones are too weathered to
be legible, and many of graves have no
headstones at all.  A 1943 survey of
local antiquities reports "The grave of
St. Cummin, a few yards north of the
church and in the graveyard, is marked
by two tall flagstones one of which is
seven feet in height and the other
under six feet.  It is believed that other
saints or disciples of Cummin are also
buried in this grave.  Between these
stones is another small flat stone which carries the inscription of a cross.  Other stones carrying inscriptions and strange indents have been covered by the high grass and weeds."

This area is where General Humbert's troops landed in 1798 when they came to assist the Irish rebellion. Kilcummin is named after St. Cummin (~500AD). For further information on Kilcummin, click here.
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  1. BOLAND, The Boland Family, KC
  2. BOURKE, Barbara Anne GILDEA 1763-1829, KC
  3. BOURKE, Walter 1753-1819 (of Heathfield), KC
  4. GILDEA, Barbara Anne 1763-1829 (BOURKE) KC
  5. KELLY, Martin 1926, KC
  6. LANGAN, James 1909, KC
  7. LOUGHNEY, Patrick 1877, KC
  8. McLOUGHLIN, Martin 1917, Francis 1918, KC


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