Goldens from Doonfeeny, Lacken and Kilfian parishes

Golden families were recorded in three main areas around Ballycastle during the
Griffiths Valuation (1848-1864), Doonfeeny, Lacken/Kilcummin, and Kilfian.  By
the time of the 1901 census, the Kilfian Goldens (about 6 miles south of
Ballycastle) had disappeared.  However, the 1901 census records about 20
Golden households in Lacken and Kilcummin parishes to the east of Ballycastle
and 3 Golden families in Doonfeeny parish on the west side of Ballycastle. 
According to family lore, the Doonfeeny and Lacken Goldens are not related,
and recent Y-DNA tests confirm this.  Y-DNA test results of both the author's
Doonfeeny Golden family (kit 167422), and of a descendant of a Golden family
from Lacken (kit 35946) are posted on the "Golden Y-DNA Project" web page. 
Goldens from all three areas emigrated to Pennsylvania, USA (including
Dunmore, PA), so these DNA test results could help to distinguish their
respective descendants.


Doonfeeny Goldens and Y-DNA Results
A descendant of Thomas Golden c1820 (from Doonfeeny) has posted
their genealogical Y-DNA test results on the "Golden Y-DNA Project"
web page under the name of "Thomas Golden" (Kit 167422).  The predicted
Y-DNA Haplogroup, "R1b1b2" is consistent with the Gaelic-Celts who invaded Ireland from Europe before the time of Christ.  This suggests that "Golden" is the Anglicised form of the Gaelic name, Ó Góilín or Mag Ualghairg.  The DNA results closely match the Dalriadic modal haplotype attributed to the High King of Ireland, Colla Uais (c325AD), of the Dál Riata kingdom (north Ireland and west coast of Scotland).  This is entirely consistent with the fact that the nearest matches in the public DNA databases have their origins mainly in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland (in that order).  However, the common ancestors from these nearest matches, would probably have lived before the time that surnames were adopted (c1,000 AD).  Interestingly, most of the Golden families in Scotland during the 1891 census were to be found in the region adjacent to Northern Ireland, separated by only 12 miles of water.  In summary, it seems likely that this Golden family is descended from Colla Uais, High King of Ireland (click here for further information on Colla Uais).

The author's paternal ancestors are shown on the chart below dating from about 1800, including Deane, Early, Forde, Golden, Healy, Purcell, and Walsh.  Clicking on the link will open a descendants chart for that ancestor with an index of names at the back.  Names of living relatives have been omitted for reasons of privacy.

CLICK HERE for Descendants of Thomas Golden c1820 (Doughlough (Dooclogh), Doonfeeny Upper
                                                                                                                  (Townland), Doonfeeny parish)         

Golden Families from N. E. County Mayo
Thomas  Golden
Thomas  Forde
Patrick  Purcell
Thomas (Biscuit) Brendan Golden
Households  by
County in 1864

Antrim        3
Belfast city  3
Clare         3
Cork         30
Donegal       4
Dublin        1
Dublin city   1
Galway        8
Kerry        29
Kildare       5
Kilkenny      3
Laois         8
Leitrim       4
Limerick      5
Longford      1
Louth         1
Mayo         93
Meath         5
Offaly        3
Roscommon    14
Sligo        36
Tyrone        2
Waterford     3
Westmeath     6
Wexford       1
Wicklow       3
Households  by
County in 1864

Antrim        1
Armagh        9
Belfast city  1
Carlow        3
Cavan         1
Clare        14
Cork         61
Cork city     4
Derry         1
Donegal       1
Down         18
Dublin       12
Dublin city   4
Fermanagh    17
Galway      113
Kerry         1
Kildare       1
Kilkenny      1
Laois         4
Leitrim      29
Limerick      6
Longford      2
Louth         1
Mayo         63
Meath         2
Monaghan     17
Roscommon    23
Sligo         7
Tipperary     1
Tyrone        2
Waterford     3
Wexford      12
Wicklow      12
Households  by
County in 1864

Antrim         6
Armagh         2
Belfast city   3
Carlow        13
Cavan          2
Clare         34
Cork          45
Cork city     11
Derry          7
Dublin        28
Dublin city   39
Galway        11
Kerry         11
Kildare       21
Kilkenny     241
Laois         69
Limerick      48
Limerick city 22
Louth          5
Mayo           9
Meath          8
Monaghan       5
Offaly        22
Roscommon      4
Sligo          1
Tipperary    200
Waterford     37
Westmeath      2
Wexford       30
Wicklow        8
Households  by
County in 1864

Antrim        3
Armagh        2
Belfast city  4
Carlow        1
Cavan        12
Clare         2
Cork         28
Cork city    13
Derry        19
Donegal      22
Dublin       11
Dublin city   7
Fermanagh    14
Galway        5
Kerry         2
Kildare       3
Kilkenny      1
Laois         4
Leitrim       3
Limerick      2
Longford      4
Louth         3
Mayo         48
Meath         4
Offaly       12
Roscommon    10
Sligo         1
Tipperary    29
Waterford     1
Westmeath     3
Wexford       5
Households  by
County in 1864

Antrim         2
Armagh        11
Belfast city   4
Carlow        15
Cavan          7
Clare         92
Cork         450
Cork city     73
Derry          7
Donegal       14
Down           3
Dublin        64
Dublin city   57
Fermanagh      4
Galway       188
Kerry        220
Kildare       55
Kilkenny     107
Laois         16
Leitrim       40
Limerick     109
Limerick city  9
Longford      24
Louth         36
Mayo         122
Meath         33
Monaghan       2
Offaly        41
Roscommon    108
Sligo        219
Tipperary    143
Tyrone        12
Waterford     45
Westmeath     11
Wexford       12
Wicklow       55
Households  by
County in 1864

Antrim        1
Armagh        5
Belfast city  2
Carlow        1
Cavan         7
Derry        10
Donegal      13
Dublin       13
Dublin city  11
Fermanagh     6
Galway       10
Kerry         1
Kilkenny      3
Leitrim      76
Longford     13
Louth         1
Mayo         36
Meath         6
Offaly        5
Roscommon    34
Sligo        14
Tyrone       62
Waterford     2
Westmeath    17
Wicklow       4
                           How common is the Surname?

The following lists indicate how common each of the above surnames was by county during the 1848-1864 Griffiths Valuation.  If the surname is very rare, then you can be more certain that a name which matches your ancestor's is more likely to be the correct person.  If the name is common, then you may need more details to verify the match.  This information is available for most surnames at the Irish Times web site.
John  Deane
Bryan Healy

Lacken Goldens and Y-DNA Results
The descendant chart of some Goldens from Lacken is shown here by kind permission of Marie Kerr.  A descendant of Andrew Golden's line has posted Y-DNA test results (kit 35946) on the "Golden Y-DNA Project" web page.  The haplotype is R1b1b2a1b5 and the results closely match the "Niall of the Nine Hostages" modal, which is quite distinct from the Doonfeeny Goldens Y-DNA result (kit 167422).  Niall was a High King of Ireland who ruled about 400 AD.

Further information on the Lacken/Kilcummin
Goldens is available on request from:
   Marie Kerr,
   Pat Coolican,
   Marie Golden Lounsbury,


Kilfian Goldens
According to a Michigan, USA descendant, the Kilfian Goldens started emigrating to the USA during the potato famine circa 1845 and later, some of them moved on to Michigan.  Descendants of a Michael Golden c1780 of Kilfian, living in Michigan, have posted family information at  It is not yet known if the Kilfian Goldens are related to the Doonfeeny or Lacken Goldens but this could be determined if a Kilfian descendant posts a Y-DNA test in the future.  The Goldens (and some other Irish families) listed in the St Mary's Church Cemetery in Marne, MI are purported to be from Kilfian.


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