The Ballad of Tom Langan
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As I made my way up Jones’s Road that bright September day
Like wild-fire through the surging throng came news that caused dismay
And as the story it was told, sad silent tears were shed
The star full-forward from Mayo, Tom Langan was dead.

They laid poor Tom to his last rest ‘neath cold Ballycastle clay
How odd that God should call his own on All-Ireland Final day
And memories came of glorious days in ‘50 and ‘51
When Langan, clad in green and red, showed how the game was won.

The flick, the feint, the fisted pass are now recalled with pride
A goal from Tom when hope seemed gone turned many a foeman’s tide
In all the west he was the best we’ll not forget his name
When victories over Louth and Meath won Mayo football fame.

A gentleman and a sportsman both on and off the field
Modest, shy, retiring, in life’s struggle he did not yield
But now the final whistle has blown and the ref. has called his name
Tom Langan no more, God rest you a stór, for you always played the game.
Tom Langan no more, God rest you a stór, for you always played the game.

Singer:   Jerry McLean & Blackthorne Aire
        Singer/songwriter Jerry McLean is Tom
        Langan's first-cousin-once-removed.
        Recorded June 2010.

Melody:  Homes of Donegal

Lyrics:    Author unknown
        Thank you to Katie Sweeney & Michael
        O'Grady for providing a copy of the lyrics.

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