This site is focused on family history in north County Mayo, Ireland, with an emphasis on Ballycastle (not to be confused with Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland). 

The purpose of this web site is to share the authors' family history collections with anyone who has ancestors from Co. Mayo.  Most of the authors' known ancestors are from County Mayo and include the Bourke, Collins, Connor, Deane, Early, Forde, Golden, Healy, Langan, Lavelle, McDonnell, Purcell, Sweeney, Tomas and Gallagher families.  If your ancestors are from Mayo and you would like to share your own family tree on this web site, click here for further details.

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The National Library of Ireland is currently engaged on a project to preserve Irish websites of scholarly, cultural and political importance.  In December 2012, was identified by the Library as a website of cultural importance for inclusion in their web archiving project.  Hence, the contents of this website, including third party contributions, are now archived and viewable at the Internet Memory Foundation.  However, due to the periodic nature of archives, the most up-to-date information will be found on this website.

This site is dedicated to the memories of Thomas Golden, and Tom Langan (the Gaelic footballer).
Dún Briste (meaning "broken fort") off Downpatrick Head, is believed to have been separated from the mainland during a storm in 1393.

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This web site is maintained at the expense of the authors, however, Google Ads have recently been added to help towards the expenses.  Each time a sponsor's advert is clicked on, a few pence are earned towards the cost of running this website.  
Part of the information included in the family trees has been kindly provided by various cousins, including some hand-written charts handed down from their parents.  However, details of living people have been omitted from this web site for reasons of privacy, and to avoid the unfortunate potential for identity theft. 

Some data has come from various genealogical reference sources that are listed on the Resources page, and from scrutinising headstones in the graveyards around Co. Mayo. 

If you have any information to share such as old photos, 'new' relatives, or biographies, etc., please contact us through the message board or at:

This website was created by Christina Golden and David Gallagher, both of whom have ancestors from north Co. Mayo.  Except where otherwise noted, the family trees, photography, photo-indexing, and transcriptions, etc., are the work of Christina and David.  We hope you find it useful.
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